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Rebecca is new to the cosplay scene and just started competitive cosplay at the end of 2017. From her first A-kon convention in 2015 she knew cosplay would be a part of her life forever. Rebecca's personal motto is "dye all the things!" After ignoring all of the recommendations to sew in wefts instead of dyeing in highlights, Rebecca discovered a love for ombre costumes and especially wig dye projects.

Photographer Credit:

Elsa from Frozen 2: Jordan Newell Photography

Princess Neptune: Ninetail Fennec Photography

Swan Princess: Rob Swackhammer Productions (2) | Kelly Musler Photography (1)

Sailor Moon | Chibi Moon: Kristen Graham Photography

Belldandy: Mars Leon | Caryn from Ah! My Cosplay

Hannah Alexander Elsa: Galactic Donut Photography | Mars Leon

Cersei Lannister: Mars Leon

Frozen Fever Elsa: Princely Ren

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