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30 years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Just like every TMNT fan we have met there is a unique story of how TMNT has impacted our lives and how we first fell in love with the "Heros in a half-shell." Each one of our team members wants nothing more but to bring life to the childhood hero’s we cosplay! We constantly push ourselves to enhance the experience for the fans and support the brand we all love. Even though you’re not able to see the performers under the suits we’re just as excited as everyone that come in contact with us. We never stop smiling – especially after we see the response we receive at the events and on our social media outlets after sharing the event coverage. Turtle Power Entertainment is owned and operated by fans just like YOU & we’re excited to meet everyone at one of our upcoming events. Being able to meet Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird and show them these amazing suits is a dream come true to us! An opportunity like this doesn't come around that often and we’re taking this to the next level. We’re doing this for all the fans & for all the amazing creators, actors, writers and anyone that has had a part in creating TMNT. Thank you!