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My name is Sarah. I have Autism, ADHD, Aspegers, PDD-NOS, Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder. I've been cosplaying since I was 15 and started making cosplays at 22. I am a supporter of the LGBT community. I am a model, gamer, cosplayer, seamstress, actress and singer. I come from a strong family and I'm also a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. My dreams are pretty big, but ones I'm determined to achieve. I want to be requested all over the world to Cosplay, I want to be on the Walking Dead as my oc Darla Dixon, and I want to be in Kingdom Hearts as my other oc Sarah Serenity. I want to make a better example of a Cosplay Model for the Autism Community. I hope to one day make a better life for my family, as well as myself, and donate $10,000 to the Autism Awareness Society. I want to make it a point that no matter what disabilities you have, you have as much as a right to anyone else to achieve your dreams.

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