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I've been a cosplayer for 4 years and I hope to gain a career in acting and cosplay. I have recently started doing my own photo shoots. I do all my photography from top to bottom and So far i love it. I would like to specialize in Cosplay photography. Cosplay and acting have been a part of my life since I was a child and there's nothing I love more than the joy cosplay brings to others around me and of course the joy i find in it myself. Cosplay will forever be with me, its the one place I dont have to grow up in. Cosplay is my everlasting suit of joy..... stay young

My next major cosplay will be anime version of major from ghost in a shell

Also I will be uploading and updating photos for the next couple weeks and I'll be doing self photography shoots these up coming weeks so keep an eye out for new photos.

My Next Cosplay : sponge babe, Alice in Wonderland, kidd buu, and much more to come

And For the love of cosplay have a super day.

Love, Majin Momo