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Fictional Vehicle Synopsis On an island off the coast of Costa Rica, and eccentric billionaire named John Hammond created a living and breathing zoo. Only this zoo was full of dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were created from the lost DNA that was discovered in amber minds in Costa Rica. The DNA was extracted from extinct mosquitos that had been preserved in fossilized tree sap, or Amber. Years ahead of its time, the technology used to run Jurassic Park consisted of DNA cloning, Geo Thermal power, as well as electric tour vehicles to prevent any possibility of polluting the environment. In the event of an emergency, or the need to use a vehicle that relied on traditional means, the park created several “gas Jeeps” that were heavily utilized by security, park specialists, park veterinarians as well as park rangers. The Jeeps were modified early 90s model Jeep Sahara’s. They were vehicles capable of off road terrain, multiple weather conditions, enhanced lighting, and unlike the tour vehicles, were all powered by gasoline. These vehicles were among the only vehicles on the island that utilized gasoline. Easily identifiable by the unique color schemes, Jurassic Park Logos, as well as vehicle numbers that would identify them amongst the fleet of Gas Jeeps at the park. Factual Vehicle Synopsis Jurassic Park Jeep #23 is a modified 1994 Jeep Wrangler. Built by Michael Hyatt of Claremore, Oklahoma and owned since 2008. Equipped with a full off road package, and the trademark roof lights that were featured on many of the Jurassic Park Jeeps in the movie. This same class of Jeep was also featured in the new Jurassic World movie. JP #23 has a removable vinyl top sharing the same color as the Jeep’s in the movie. In addition to having the 102” whip antenna from the movie Jeeps, JP 23 also has an onboard PA speaker that mimics many of the dinosaur sounds and effects that were used in the movie. JP 23 has been detailed to a near exact match of the vehicles featured in the first Jurassic Park movie, as well as the two Jeeps featured in Jurassic World. Other than some slight and subtle differences, the question always gets asked, “was this Jeep in the movie?”
Jurassic Park