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I started diving into cosplay years ago. But, of course, at the time it wasn't a huge thing like it is today. I would cosplay various characters like, Lola Bunny, Daenerys Targaryen, Draco Malfoy, Lara Croft, Elsa, and Jareth the Goblin King and more. I then discovered my passion for cosplaying as Link from Legend of Zelda. Still one of my favorite characters to cosplay to this day. I have evolved Link over the past few years, and next time he emerges, it will be even greater than the last. The Holiday Barbie series I just started is going to be an ongoing series. I have created the first three of about thirty and had an amazingly fun time with them. I plan to complete and showcase the entire collection of Holiday Barbie gowns. I have always enjoyed cosplaying. As an Actress I find every costume has a unique character. I can not help but become the character as soon as the costume is donned. As creator and cosplayer for my costumes, I take care and pride in each piece created. Every detail, every stitch, every photo, they all matter. My next piece will be from my new favorite anime, Dr Stone!

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